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Save Our Fair Fundraiser March 29, 2014

SaveourFairAuctionFlierSave Our Fair Dinner And Auction
Please join us on March 29, 2014 for a Tri-tip Dinner and Auction to raise funds so that we can get the information out on the Special District forming so that Del Norte County citizens can keep their Fair going. Attached is part of the presentation that Fair CEO Randy Hatfield presented to the City Council in November 2013. The whole presentation is available for you to view by going to the City of Crescent City’s website, Go to the City Council menu and you will find it on the 11/18/13 agenda.
You may contact the Lake Earl Grange at 707-218-5769 for information on the dinner or if you would like to donate something for the auction. If you know a Grange member…we have tickets for the dinner. With a ticket purchase, there is a raffle ticket attached for a chance to win a cord of wood! We are looking forward to seeing ya’ll on the 29th!

Team Sorting Winter Buckle Series Winners

Our final sorting event on 2/9/14 was exciting. Our buckle winners for the Greenhorn Division were Mallory and Tiphany. The Open Division winners were Tracey Hugh and John Kubicek. Congratulations to you four! Everyone headed out of the event so fast (we were trying to beat the rain that started at the close of the event) that we did not get pictures. The rest of the places will be posted later, as our head counter is busy with their calving season!