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Brent Graef Clinic September 6-8, 2014


Brent Graef will be holding one of his clinics here in Crescent City September 6 – 8, 2014! (This is Saturday through Monday). It will be held at the Del Norte County Fairgrounds. For more information on Brent’s philosophy, go to

Audits only $15.00

For 1 Class (all three days) it is $300.00
For both classes (all three days) it is $500.00

Please contact Carol Higgs @ 541-214-9921 or Lorie Barrington @ 707-951-5407 to reserve your spot! Full payment must be received by July 15th.

Foundation Class — 9:00 AM to noon each day for 3 days
This class is a great confidence booster for you and your horse. It’s perfect for young horses, greener riders, or serious students of horsemanship who understand the value of getting the foundation more solid and want to refine their groundwork!

Learn the basics of understanding your horse… how to earn his trust and respect, and how to offer softness, fairness, and clarity to your horse. This is the perfect class to get help with issues such as trailer loading, standing to mount, and standing for the farrier.

We are working to develop a good foundation of understanding for the horses and students. The groundwork skills you’ll develop directly relate to the skills you’ll need when you get into the saddle.

This class is about half groundwork and half riding. Working from the ground is a great opportunity to learn to recognize your horse’s expressions, see brace, and see correctness in his movements without the interference of a rider. Riding will be done at the walk and trot. We’ll be working on softness, timing, accuracy, smooth transitions, and recognizing and fixing up brace.

Colts are welcome to be in the groundwork portion of the class, but the horses who participate in the riding portion need to already be going under saddle.

Advancing Class — 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM each day for 3 days
We’ll explore soft feel, softness through transitions, cadence (how to get in time with the feet), control of the horse’s hindquarters, front-quarters, and lateral movements. We’ll work on recognizing and fixing up brace from the saddle. You’ll learn to direct your horse’s mind and take the concept of “feel” to a deeper level. You’ll develop the awareness, skill, and understanding to become the partner your horse has been waiting for. Your horse will become softer, more supple, and better balanced. We’ll ride at the walk, trot, and canter.