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Special Meeting Monday, February 2!

We have some upcoming events that we need to plan and get working on, so a special Grange meeting has  been called for Monday, February 2nd at 6PM at the Grange Hall.  The outline of some upcoming projects/events that we will need everyone to think about are:

1)   Adults and Youth to help assist with the Measure F Appreciation Dinner on February 14th that will be held at the Fairgrounds. We need adults to help with the cooking and kitchen duties and our Youth to serve the food.

2)   There will be a new Rodeo Queen and her Court this year during the fair. Mechelle Winters-Webb will be presenting the information on this new event.

3)   The Fairgrounds will be having a new May Fair event May 9-10, 2015. There will be a carnival, exhibits, booths, and a Youth Livestock/Small Animal Jackpot show. There will also be a Mother’s Day Brunch.  Lots of information to be discussed.

Lots of fun events coming for our youth and adult Grange members…but sure to mark your calendar! See you on Monday!

Results for Our First of Three Winter Sorting Events!

Our first sorting event of the winter season was lots of fun! We would like to thank the Alexandre Dairy for letting us lease their cows, Doug Glenn and Molly for teaching the multiple clinics on Saturday, January 24th, and Doug Glenn, Emily Rabago, and Vicky Leavitt for running the sorting event and keeping all our times and counts. And Dawn Harper and her son Cole for making sure we all had good food and drinks to keep us going! It was a great family event!

01.25.15 Emily & Vicky

We started the weekend with multiple clinics to help learn how to read a cow and some horsemanship tips on working around the cows, here are some photos from a few of the clinics:


On Sunday, January 25th the competition began! Here are the standings for the first of three events:

01.25.15 Novice & Youth Standings

01.25.15 Family Affair Standings

01.25.15 Open Page 1 Standings

01.25.15 Open Page 2 Standings

And some photos of some of our competitors:



Our First Meeting of 2015…January 20th!

Well, the consensus seems to be…most people are busy this time of year. We had a Christmas party, awards, and sign up night planned…but due to a couple of “key” planners for the event having some medical procedures done, we had to reschedule for a January date. In trying to schedule this, we have decided to do the sign ups at the regularly scheduled monthly Grange meeting on Jan 20th at 7:00 pm at the Lake Earl Grange Hall. We will be taking names for election offices, doing youth sign ups, and adult membership dues can be collected as well. Also, all people that are project leaders or are interested in being one or helping are encouraged to attend. Any questions, please call Helen at 707 218-5769. Please help spread the word, if you’d please pass the word that would be great! MARK JANUARY 20TH, 7:00pm AT THE GRANGE HALL!

Mini Cattle Sorting Clinics to be Offered

Wow, the Cattle Sorting Clinics on January 24, February 14, and April 11 are almost filled. We are offering Mini Clinics on those dates that will be from 5:00PM to 6:30PM and it will be limited to 10 riders. The cost will be $12 for Grange members and $15 for non-Grange members with a $5 cattle fee. The same conditions apply for the regular clinics…you must be paid and on the list at the Del Norte County Fairgrounds. The Fair Office is open 8AM to 4:30 PM. Checks are to be made out to “Lake Earl Grange”.

Winter Cattle Sorting Events Update!

For the cattle sorting clinics coming up on January 24, February 14, and April 11…there will be an envelope for the Grange at the Del Norte County Fairgrounds so you can drop of your money there. If you cannot make it to the Fairgrounds, please contact someone you know in Del Norte County to get you on the list! The cost for the clinic is $25.00 for Grange members and $30 for non-members with a $10 cattle fee for each participant. Please make your checks out to “Lake Earl Grange”.  There are 10 openings for each clinic. The clinic times are 9AM – 12PM and 1PM – 4PM. If there is more interest than clinic openings, there may be a clinic held on Friday evenings before the clinic dates. This is first come, first serve and must be paid and on the list! There will be no refunds…if something comes up you may sell your spot to someone else.  To recap the Cattle Sorting Clinic dates:

1)    January 24th

2)    February 14th

3)    April 11th

Our third cattle sorting event of the series will be on April 12.  Each sorting event will begin at 8AM with the Novice and Youth Divisions. A Novice is anyone who has not ever sorted or placed in a sorting event. The youths must be 13 or under as of 1/1/2015. The Open Division will follow at approximately 10AM. We will be trying out a new division called Family Affair…where the teams will be families and will run concurrent with the Open Division. More information will be at sign-ups at the sorting events.  You must participate in 2 of the 3 sorting events to qualify for prizes. So, to recap the Cattle Sorting Event dates:

1)    January 25th

2)    February 15th

3)    April 12th

The cost for the sorting event is $40 per team with a one-time cattle fee of $10 per rider.

See y’all soon