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Videos of our February Sorting!

Did you notice the camera rolling at our February Winter Sorting? Well, Casey took videos the whole day and gave them to us to share with you all…thank you, Casey! I asked a friend (thank you, Fritz) to download them to YouTube so that we could share it. These are cut at each run and Casey and her crew did an awesome job…these will really help see what you are doing with your sorting! Following are the links for the three videos. Enjoy!

Winter Sorting Series Results!

Boy, did we have an exciting finish to our Winter Sorting Series! Lots of us saw more DQs than our first two events. We also had approximately 65 teams!

We would like to thank Doug Glenn for all his time spent helping referee and giving all those clinics and Alexandre Dairy for letting us use their cows!

Also, we really appreciate Vicky Leavitt keeping track of our times, cows, and DQs!

04.12.15 Grange Sorting Support Crew

And thank you to Dawn and Cole Harper for feeding us and keeping the coffee on!

04.12.15 Grange Sorting Good Food

So, here are the final results of our Winter Sorting Series:


1)    McKenzie & Carly

2)    McKenzie & Elisa

3)    Maddie & Brinkley

4)    Carly & Elisa

5)    Allie & Maddie


1)    Calvin & Tammy

2)    Mike & Jen

3)    Denisha & BillyJo

4)    Yancy & Cathi

5)    Ashley & Denisha


1)    Sam & McKenzie

2)    Taylor & Lori

3)    Carly & Cole

4)    Mallorie & Misty

5)    Tish & Grant

6)    Mike & Jen


1)    Linda & Mallorie

2)    Brinkley & Mallorie

3)    John & Deb

4)    Linda & Deb

5)    John & Jill

6)    Cat & John

If that was not enough excitement…we ended the afternoon with a Jackpot Sorting which is a timed event. The team that sorts all 10 in the fastest time wins. This is a cash prize! The winners were Doug & Mallorie…good teamwork guys!