Monthly Archives: April 2016

Poker and Ranch Sorting May 7 & 8!

Next weekend we will be finishing our Poker and Ranch Sorting competitions! To qualify for the series jackpot, you and your partner need to compete in 4 of the 6 sorting events. There will also be cash prizes for Highest Poker Hand in each division, Highest Poker Total Hands for each division, and Highest Total of Cows for the Ranch Sorting for each division.

Saturday, May 7th, is the Poker Sorting …signups at 9AM and it begins at 10AM at Del Norte County Fairgrounds.

Sunday, May 8th, is the Ranch Sorting…signups at 9AM and it begins at 10AM at Del Norte County Fairgrounds.

The cost of each days sorting is a one time cattle fee of $10 and $40 per team (3 goes for each team).

For those who are competing in the Poker Sorting Regional Contest…this is a good time to get those extra rides for the Regional Finals being held here in August during the Fair! :-) See you all next weekend!

February & March Youth Horse Activities

In February, Barbara Harkins had her students enjoy a Valentine’s lesson day with lots of fun activities that let the kids practice some of what they have been learning. Thank you to Monica Hiner for pictures of some of the fun!

On March 19th the Lake Earl Grange held a Youth Horse Show clinic to teach the kids how to show their horses in Halter, Western Pleasure, Western Trail, and English Pleasure. Thank you to Tamara Newton for pictures of all the fun and learning that happened!

Be sure to watch for all of these up and coming equestrian stars in the many horse events coming…from Gymkhana’s during the summer to the Youth Horse Show during our Fair! And thanks to all of the parents that are there supporting their kids!