Youth Equestrians Hosting a Dinner, Bingo, & Movie Night April 1st!

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LEG Youth April 1 Bingo & Dinner

The Lake Earl Grange Youth Equestrians are hosting a No-Fooling April 1st dinner, bingo, and movie night! To get your ticket to this fun event, look for the following kids selling them….MacKenzie Frick, Carley Harper, Alysha Lee, Audrey Phillips, Maddie Douglas, Billie-Jo Newport, Joaquin Young, Elisa Young, Ashley Maita, Taylor Sharp, Chase Sharp, Maudi Olsen, McNeeley Olsen, and Brinkley Webb! (More will be added).

These kids have been working hard meeting two to three times a week and attending clinics to help prepare them for their upcoming shows and Jr. Rodeos…come help support them and have a great family night out, too!

More information…contact Helen Ferguson at 707-218-5769


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